17 Pieces: Chapter 7

August 24, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 7
Francis was gone. “The news said that he got thirteen stabs,” Cherry said. She looked at me strangely.
“Murder!” Cherry belched. My mind was blank and could not remember how I got the cuts on my hands.  That icy day I was dressed in jeans with sweaters that hid my pain.
“I don’t know but why I have to move to some forsaken Waterloo apartment,” I questioned with a sullen look.
“So the cops don’t lock you up in one of those forsaken homes before I cut you up in little pieces,” Cherry cackled. I blocked out the bickering and observed the man they called the driver who was moving us with his car. The car had crept to a halt in front of a two-bedroom house in an impoverished area. A chubby girl ten years my senior stood outside waving feverishly at me.  My heart turned music as I grasped the sight of Chin. She was Cherry’s friend from the pub. Her big-round eyes hovered over me like the sun with grinning teeth. She had a kinder-whore look dressed in a colourful top over black tights studded ankle boots.
“This is going to be fun,” I thought. Her soft wet lips always played upon my cheek with gentle kisses. We were old acquaintances that enjoy each other company. Jackie was curious why her chubby friend was always kissing her. At nights they were always embraced and rubbing their bodies against each other. She had grown up so fast that she hardly remembers that she had just turned eleven.
“Your skin is so pretty,“ Chin said.
“Thanks,“ Jackie breathed.
“But I wondered how a girl who did not play has so much small cuts all over her body,” Chin enquired. She began kissing me all over and it felt really good. She tore off my clothes and gently caressed my nipples. Her tongue meandered down my chest, tingle my belly until she stick her tongue into my private part. This is heaven I thought way better than my old uncle. Chin stopped suddenly and I felt her breath on my neck as she whispered in my ear, “I am going to screw you so hard.”
“I was afraid to tell you how badly I needed you. I can’t stay long away from sex that’s one thing with me the more I think about it is the more I want it,” I said to the excited woman who Cherry left me with. As the days went by Jackie feverishly await nightfall so that she could crawl in the small bed with her best friend. She was awaken by a familiar voice one morning.
“That’s Cherry,” Jackie sighed and she quickly grabbed her clothes to cover her nakedness. Chin had played with her body all night.
“Damn, what’s the heck is she doing here so early?” Chin asked.
“Something, is up,“ Jackie murmured. She wrapped a colourful cloth around her breasts and jumped into a short jean. She quickly looked into the mirror and pursed her lips and ran her fingers through her hair. The door unlocked and I heard murmur of voices. A woman dressed in what appear to be proper clothes kept shouting, “Jackie, Jackie, where are you?”
“Hey! Is Bert ok?” a sound of concern came from the frightened girl.
“Bert is fine. Get your things, you are moving back today,” the woman explained.
“But why, I like it here?” Jackie screamed. She marched behind her barking that a car was waiting on her. “I don’t want to stay with that pervert. He is hurting me,” Jackie cried.
“What you say, hurry up before I blood you up,” the woman grunt and slapped her face twice. Jackie grabbed her things and rushed into the car.
“You, little girl is a problem, when you don’t want stay with someone you say they are fooling around you,” Cherry cursed, “that man is a nice man, he feeds, cloth and shelter you more than I can say for your darn father.”
“Did she meant Grandpa,” I wondered. “What did my aunt meant when she said: “I am  not Papa’s child.”
“Who are my father and my mother?” I questioned.
“Lets not ever talk about that ok, else you will live to regret it ok,” the cold wind came from Cherry. I grabbed my things and hurry to the car. We arrived at her new home. Cherry had began living with a man she called her husband. I saw a ghost at church that Sunday. I held my head down and walked fast before the ghost grabbed me.
“You are dead,” I screamed and closed my eyes.
“No, You could stay at my house any time,” he struggled to say, “nothing will happen again as the voices within did not say I should touch you again.”  I ran from his grip into Cherry.
“Tell me why I have to live this horrible life?” I asked the strange looking woman breathing heavily. Her lips turned thunder and trembled into terror.
“Oh, just shut your dirty mouth, you are suppose to be grateful, I didn’t kick you out on the streets,” she sighed and hurried toward the ghost.
“It would have been better you leave me to the dogs than this,” the words die in the wind.
“Really, oh wow, Its good to know,  I just might do that,” Cherry muttered. I gazed at a red BMW slowly unwinding its window as a voice warbled, “Cherry, Cherry, Cherry!” The car stopped and the driver chisel cheek and flat forehead poked out. His face changed colour as he saw Cherry with a man. His eyes looked menacing. I knew there was going to be an argument between the two of them as Cherry got into the car. The noise that exploded from the two clouded out any thought I bore.
“Hello, you can change me ok but some things are natural from birth so you can’t change that ok, you can but some things you are going to try change won’t change because its from birth coming up,” Cherry said. Her eyes stared at me in the rear-view mirror.
“You mean you and that man,” the driver grunted.
“You mean the priest, he is a good friend,” Cherry explained.
“And the man last week, eh was a friend too,” the driver argued.
“I am trying to keep it civil here, don’t fire out harsh words or anything. And no I wasn’t out with no lover ok. it was a friend and he drop me off then invite me out to have dinner with him,“ Cherry cursed. “Listen I am really getting sick of this, no doubt.”
“Shut the scraps, scheduling sex for 10pm on Saturdays, ” the driver shouted. I burst into laughter. The car stopped  and a dark voice said, ”J get out, you better walk.” I looked at Cherry and slowly descended from the car. The abuses unfolded with two slapped to buried Cherry’s words but I did not care about her. She needed to feel what I felt.

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