17 Pieces: Chapter 2

August 19, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 2

I turned 6 under Francis’ roof. Cherry took me to there to stay. My aunt said that I could not stay with her no more.  I’ll never forget that day. I hated the smell of the earth, I hated the humidity, I hated the people, I hated the food. I hated my life at Francis. I hated Cherry beating me to read, and beating me because I came home dirty from school. I was even afraid to show my cuts I got from school because I was afraid she would beat me. I hated her telling me I had to grow up hard. When I was cold and asked for her jacket. Instead she gave it to Francis. I hated the fact that she never played with me, because I was “too wild”. I hated the fact that she sent me to my aunt. This woman abused me physically, emotionally and mentally. For her I was dirty, ungrateful, sinful, devil child, you name it. The room I slept in I had to call it “the” room and not “my” room.
My life became normal at age 7 years. Cherry was home more since she found God and started working for Francis at his house. I went to church every Sundays just like when I lived with grandpa. Cherry started acting differently. She never party no more and no men came around except Francis.
“What was Cherry doing with a priest?” I wondered
“Hey love, do you want to take a ride with Francis to church,” a voice asked.
“No, I want my grandpa!” I cried. My spirits did not trust that man that called himself St.  Francis. He was too passionate to Cherry. His eyes were always glued to her well shape body and when I caught him, he always quotes a scripture. I did not want to get a beating from Cherry especially when my best friend was there.
“Come on dear, and your friend can come too,” Francis said. I entered the car breathing hard. My friend held my hands.
“Are you afraid of your father?” my friend asked, “why are you trembling?”
“My father, where is he at?” I scoffed.
“You are the splitting image of Francis,” the words thunder bolted from Chin to a chuckle.
“You crazy fool, that’s Cherry’s new guy,” Jackie laughed.
“Hear what I’m so sorry I take you the wrong way ok,” said Chin, “it is just that you, two look so much alike.”
“Oh please,” I sighed. I looked at Francis and his fake smile. My skin crawled inside as he cast a fascinated glance at my friend.
“Who is this Chin, you lived down the road,”  Francis asked.
“No, this is a different one. I have three chins as friends ok,” I added.
“You excited to go to church?” Francis asked.
“Yeah,” Jackie giggled.
“What, you must be joking?” Chin whispered in my ears and giggled, “I came just to be with you.” Her lips caressed my earlobes. We eyed Francis’ puzzled face that stood in awe.
“Yes that’s not a problem,” I whispered, “we can do it in the bathroom.”
“Yeah I like the sound of that,” Jackie chuckled. The car crept to a building and I rushed out of the car.
“Where is the bathroom?” Chin asked Francis. He pointed to a room. We rushed to the restroom. I overheard Francis quarreling, “the devil child will have to go or else.” I was shipped back to my aunt on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The following evening I decided not to go out partying with everyone.

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