17 Pieces: Chapter 14

August 31, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 14
“J, come over, we got to discuss this in person,” I heard the husky voice murmured over the phone.
“I can’t,” I explained.
“Ok J, just skip your house and come over,” I listened to the words.
“I can’t,” Jackie said.
“You have done it before, you can do it again. I need you today. You better come or else or you freaking someone else,” Dave argued. I wanted to see him in person to curse him to scorn. I wanted to go badly.
“How could you say such a thing? You are the only man I am sleeping with,” I bellowed. I had lied. Someone had sex with me and I don’t know who. I felt sexed after that party the driver took me. “Did he screwed me?“ I questioned myself. My tongue got my teeth and it turned into hurt. I could taste the blood.
“I expect you over here ok,” his voice turned cold and the anger he stirred up inside me.
“I got  to get away from here, far away from this pain,” Tears filled my eyes. The thought of that dreaded man grabbing me into his room and sexing me all night in my aunt’s house was horrible.
“Look, Dave I will be there ok,“ I breathed trying to turn my mind to pleasure. The kinky freaky sex was raw in my flesh. I wanted to feel good. I love sex and I needed his body inside of me. I needed his lips to suck my private parts until I screamed in ecstasy. How could I go after we had just cursed about everything? How could I go went I felt so angry at him? What lie could I tell to get away to be with him.
“ I will just run away,” I decided, “even if just for some days to be with him,” the unhinged girl thought. She grabbed her jacket and her phone rung.
“No, Jerome I can’t sleep with you today,” I told my usual escort. I sexed Jerome occasionally for things I really wanted or I just lay myself careless with men for money to satisfy my hunger. No one care about me although I was under age. I had to care for myself. Dave cared but he is so jealousy of my friends. I got dressed and took a cab over to Dave’s house.
“Today, I am running away to him to be his lover, his dog, his woman, anything he wanted me to be. “
She could not wait to ring the buzzer of the door as stood there with pleasure all over her face. Dave pulled her inside the tiny apartment as the door flung opened. Her eyes ran to the unkempt bed before he ripped off my clothes.
“This is wild, and excited, I like it,” I said. I felt a heavy blow twice. Dave boxed me twice hard and grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to the wall.
“Stop!” I screamed.
“You’re a freaking game,” my eyes searched for my clothes.
“This is what you called me to, to disgrace me, to accused me,” I breathed heavily and slapped him several times before he forced his lips to mine and pushed me to the bed.
“Let me go! I am leaving, I want to go home,” I cried. “This is what I leave my house for?”
“You are not leaving not until I sexed you,” Dave said in a strong tone.
“That’s all you want, sex. I got to go,” I screamed.
“Not until I sexed the shit out of you,” Dave said and locked my body in his, “can’t you be satisfied the freaking I am giving you.” I slapped him several time and screamed. He grabbed my and squeeze it until I stop screaming. Tears flowed as in between my thigh became a furnace of pain and agony. This was worst than the sexual abuses. I had faced before Dave was tearing me into pieces. Love was forever tore from my heart. My life was tore into pieces. He sexed me for two hours and left me in house half-dead with the doors locked.
She collapsed to her knees when Dave grabbed her throat and uttered the phrase, “am going to kill you bitch for cheating on me at that party.” She struggled to find breath
“I’m not, what heck is wrong with you?” She screamed,  “I am not having sex with anyone else that’s all…And sex isn’t my focus ok.”
“Shut the fuck up, you partying and all what you call that,” Dave ranted.
“Ok then and I’m not sexing around ok. Your the only person I want to have sex with ok.”
“Liar,” Dave shouted and slapped her twice.
“Wow I can’t believe this is happening? You are the one that cheated on me,” Jackie cried. She rushed toward the thick muscular man drumming his chest with blows. Angry raged and Dave slapped Jackie several times while cursing. A hand streaked across her body. Screams exploded all over the room. Jackie rained anything that she could find on the table at him. She smashed mirror with her shoe, damaged the window and cut him with a knife.
She grabbed him and pushed him and cursed. She saw bright light as he slammed her to the ground and kicked her in the belly several times.
“Well I’m long as me know say Yow me and them nuh deh or whateva don’t give a fuck what people have to say about me. There is nothing no one can do to hurt me again ok. I’ve been through it all ok. Don’t give a fuck what people has to say about me.”
Things blazed at his body. Shouts went off and most of the room was shattered with broken pieces and blood was everywhere.     “One I want us to be in a relationship. Two you are my type and three I love you of course and I won’t see anyone else ok,” said Jackie. I felt blinded by his blows to my eyes. They wrestle with each and torn off her cloth and sprang her. She blew out blood as he had punched her in the mouth. He pushed her to the bed and a flash of light and trail of screams followed as he slapped her all over the body. It became quite dark and suddenly Jackie lost consciousness.
Jackie was clearly traumatized by the fight with Dave. Dave had left bruises all over her body. It will be miracle to use cosmetics to cover the marks on her neck. On his return he sexed me again. Two days had passed I had not communicated with anyone. Dave had flung my cell phone to the wall and it shatter into pieces.  Cherry must have filed a missing report by now. Someone must have discovered I am gone by now. Someone should have known I am gone.
Two weeks later after Dave sexed the shit out of me he allowed me to go. I was released from torture but now I will have to face the judgement, Cherry.
“I could not go home like this in the tore dress I left home two weeks ago in. I could not go home looking like this,” I thought. After Dave left for work and told me I could go. I decided to call Jerome.
“But Jerome, just three grand, I need. I will suck your private part, please.” I begged but Jerome insisted that for three grand only a real sex from my tight ass would satisfied him. My private part was numbed from Dave sexing. I had not choice but to sex Jerome and buy the new clothes and tell Cherry I was with my friend, Chin for awhile.
“Chin!” Cherry exclaimed, “you are a bloody slut, it is a man’s apartment you have been all this time,” She slapped my face several times and pulled my hair. I screamed,
“I ran away because the driver, pulled me his room and sex me all night,” Cherry slapped me twice on the jaws.
“You little lying slut, what you want to cause an argument between my man and me.”
“I am telling you the truth, overnight he has been sexing me under this roof,” I screamed.
“Shut your mouth, or else I blood it up,” Cherry said, “get use to it, because I am not making because of you, I get kicked out of here. You big enough now, you can take men, hit the streets”  Cherry did nothing and the years went by and I suffered in silence until my heart was bitter. I love no one but sex. I care for no one but sex I would care nothing but sex. I would sell myself for things.

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