17 Pieces: Chapter 13

August 30, 2013 11:55 am

Chapter 13

Night drew near. The party was scheduled to start at 10pm. But party never started until after 1pm. The noises outside exploded into laughter. She peered through the window and saw men drumming the table as they drink and play games.
“How will I steal out of the house to go that party without being seen.” She thought. Her sight caught a huge Latino man with beard. He was my driver. He had promise to take me to the party. He moved around briskly occasionally checking his phone and drinking whiskey from a bottle he hid under the flowery shirt.
A sound frightened her movement and Jackie jumped as a shadow came closer to her. She screamed and her cousin cracked into giggles. She fell down and her cousin lean forward to pull her up.
“You better, go to bed ‘afraid boo,” her cousin teased. Jackie’s eyes had wandered through the window. Her sights were stolen by the driver who beckoned her. She quickly unlocked the door and rushed toward the Latino man. Her cousin watched as the older man whispered something into the excited girl ear who dashed inside breathing heavily.
“What was that all about?” her cousin demanded. Jackie’s eyebrows danced and her cheeks turned red flush with delight. She turned toward the bed and pull the cover.
“Darling, I have a long night, I better catch up on some sleep,” she chuckled. Her cousin hissed her teeth and walk out of the room.
“Oh boring,“ she sung before she shut the door. I awoke about 1am in the morning by the persistent hooting of car horns.
“Shit, I got to go,” Jackie said as she sprung from the bed and rushed to the window to signal the driver. The sound stopped and she quickly scampered around to get dress. Wearing a skin-fitted outfit, she used a dark hooded jacket to cover her head as she left the house. A howling erupted and she paused before she unlocked the door. She tiptoed toward the car. As they drove to the party, the driver said: “you look real pretty tonight like.”
“Like what?” Jackie grinned.
“Someone like you I want to caress,” said the driver jokingly.
“I would have to be dead first, “ Jackie said seriously, “as we discuss before you and I can’t be in anything ok.”
“Hey, it’s a party we are going, lighten up. Just lets us have fun ok,” the driver’s words came quickly as the car crept closer to the music. We never exchange another word until we reached the party. I remembered sipping two drinks and maybe a third and dancing wildly. But there is gap between what happen next and how I reached home in bed and feeling so tire.
“You got drunk,” explosive words ran from her cousin’s lips.
“Yeah,” she smiled.
“And you got some,” her hands spoke and painted her words.
“From the driver,” I thought. I was thinking hard as I lied in bed trying to pieces together the event of the following night.
“Ok! Can we just not talk about that right now,” I felt drained and confused.
“What about Dave, did you see him?” asked her cousin.
“No, I didn’t see him at all,” Jackie said.
“That’s odd, wasn’t he the one that invited you to the party,” her cousin said, “you better call him.”

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