17 Pieces: Chapter 12

August 29, 2013 11:57 am

Chapter 12
I met Dave on the Internet. He promised to take me to Europe for the week. He was a thick muscular man who was twice my age with pretty eyes. He was sweet to me and he gave me things. I started screwing him. It became a real relationship. He was my daddy and I listened to everything that he told me. Talking about daddy, I never knew my dad.
“Chin told me to stay clear of Francis because he looks like me,” she warned. Dave was different. We talked almost everyday. That clear blue sky morning was no different. My phone sung and I knew it was pretty eyes.
“Hey gorgeous!”  Jackie sung over the telephone. Her face lit as her cheek grew red.
“What have you been up to?” the husky voice boomed into my ear.
“Wash my hair, comb it myself and trouble my friends and eat and listen to music, what you did?” I giggled.
“Cant wait to see you,” he said.
“I miss your face and smile and touch. I just miss everything about you ok,” I whispered before I reach the bathroom. This was my safe haven. My cousin burst into the room all dressed up. I stare at her modeling a dress and waving another in her hand. She had popped by.
“That looks good to, stop it,” I said and pushed the phone to my ears. She cracked into laughter and said, “ thank you, oh and thanks for the things ok, that’s good, be safe now,”
“Babes you there,” I asked, “hola”
“Now I have my attention!”
“Its a little overcast I’ve just finished working  and heading home,” he said, “can you come over”
“Ok then sure,” I said and hanged up the phone. I grabbed my jacket and escaped from my house unnoticed. I took a cab to a small, one-bedroom flat a few blocks from the beach.  He unlocked the door with a coloured blanket into his hand. I was flushed with giggles and smiles. He ushered me to the back porch. We laid on the blanket as our eyes wondered at the stars.
“I’ve been home for some time now. How about you?” he whispered into my ears
“Well I could drink something strong,” I said. He looked at the stars and breathed, “there must be a pair of us up there,”
“Awe that’s sweet. Wow hmmm I’m liking what I’m hearing,” I mellowed and pulled closer to him and said in my sweetest voice,” tonight is one night I sure don’t want to be alone!”
“Ok then, I like that and the same goes for me too,” he managed to say before he took my lips, “You know I can’t help the way I feel about you.” He reached over and we had the most freaky and kinky make out I ever had. I got home about 1a.m.
“Babes I love you. Sleep tight I will talk to you in the morning ok. Muah!” I said and kissed him and ran from his car. He watched me as I tried the front door of my house several times but the knob did not move.
“Is everything alright,” Dave shouted from the car.
“It’s ok,” I sighed, “I will just enter from the back. You better go. Cherry will be home soon.” He drove off but I was stuck under a tree outside under the misty sky with only my jacket. There was no back entrance. The doors were locked and Cherry never came home. The cold wind reminded me how bitter my heart was. I was an outsider. Sleeping outside was easy. I was not cold and fearful at all.
An horrible sound rushed unto my ears and I screamed. My eyes were opened. The sun greeted my senses. Cherry came home earlier that morning.
“Why are you sleeping out here under a tree,” a voice asked.
“They locked me out,” I sighed.
“Explain!” Cherry asked but I could not explain that I steal out of the house to be with Dave.
“Ok then. Well you silly child is running a risk sleeping outside,” Cherry cursed.  I got a beating before I left for the streets. I took the beating all the time thinking of the kinky sex I had and the hot steamy moments I were going to share. I skipped the house and went straight to Dave’s house.
“I have work to go,” he said at the sight of me.
“Don’t go, stay with me and have me,” I begged.
“That’s funny,” he said, “how are you doing? Why you look so sad”
“Am good so far, here wondering if you are not going to undress,” Jackie breathed.
“Please babes I have to go, I have a plane to catch,” the man stuttered, “some other time or unless.”
“I don’t know you tell me.” Jackie said. “When I’m around you I feel safe. I love feeling your body next to mine. I feel loved. Let me just say this you’re everything to me that’s all I can say.”
“Unless you want to go to Florida with me,” Dave laughed.
“Yeah that would be fun,” I murmured.
“Ok, we can shop for something when we get there,“ he chuckled.
“Wow that’s sweet” I asked. “let go”
“you will have to do me a flavour though,” Dave  giggled with her thumb gently caressing a bear bottle,
“What?” she asked confusedly.
“A three sum”
“No I wont screw anyone,”
“Suppose I have different reasons from yours,” he said, “it’s a pay fuck” Jackie smiled.
“You sorry ass, I aint that type of girl ok,” she said.
“You listen to me, you will do as I say,” the words poured over me like a thunder. I ran from the apartment. The heavyset man ran off me breathing heavily.
“Get back here, this minute,” Dave roared but Jackie by then had entered a taxi cab. “When will this end?” I whispered.
“Where are you heading,” the cab driver asked.
“Drop me off at 2nd streets,”  Jackie chuckled. She entered the house and went to her room and began cutting herself all over.

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