17 Pieces: Chapter 11

August 28, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 11
I started a real relationship with a boy I like at age 14. He was always pressuring me for sex.
“Not even a kiss,” he murmured.
“Sex means nothing to me so hear what, screw me anywhere you want I’m yours and yours only,” I told him one day while we walked the streets. A car pulled up behind me and the horns frightened us. I jumped into Pete’s arms and blushed at his sights. Jackie shook visibly as her eyes soaked up a red BMW slowly coming toward them. She shot Pete a look and pushed him from her. His face turned stone and his mouth stood opened in awe. She could not control her emotions and her lips shook. She trembled as a man came out of the car and summoned her.
“You better go, Pete,” she said, “I don’t want to get into any more trouble; I will make it up to you tomorrow you will see.”
“Get into the car,” a voice commanded, “someone will definitely hear of this.”
“Please don’t, I will do anything,“ cried Jackie, “I got no place to stay, please.”
“I don’t want to see you around that boy ever again,” angry sounds gushed.
“You are a total jerk, a real prick,” Jackie screamed.
“Cherry will definitely get a report.”
“Consider it done, just don’t breath a word to Cherry I can’t take another beating, I will do anything,” Jackie begged. The man pushed her into the front seat and the car sped off. Jackie clenched her jaws. Her head collapsed into her hands sobbing. She gasped, “not that, you said you wouldn’t want that from me again.”
“It is either this or Cherry gets a full report of your carrying on ,” the man grunt. Jackie reached over and unbuttoned his pant and her lips play with his private part until he drove up to a white gate. Cherry came out at the sight of the car.
“Go dear, I won’t breathe a word,” the man said. Jackie grabbed her bag and ran from the car.
“Hey, you are early. I am almost ready I said 6 not 4:30,” a lady chuckled, “I better share you a plate.” The man reached out and hugged Cherry and squeezed her buttocks. Jackie peeped through the bathroom window at the two persons she fear and scorned.
“Hey, do you have problem with my butt,” Cherry familiar sounds cause her ears to perk up as man’s eyes lit up in delight.
“No, its perfectly fine that way.  You drives me crazy.” Jackie eye’s popped open as she overheard the words from the man. I watched them entered the house. I turned on the showers and the water poured. I sat in the showers and let the water poured over me. My mind was lost to the world. I was bought back to reality when I heard a knock at the door.
“Hey,” I said, “I will be there in a sec,” I unlocked the door. Cherry greeted me with an angry look.
“What’s wrong with you?”  She asked.
“You wouldn’t understand,” I said, “I try telling you, but you won’t listen.”
“Just get out of my sights,” the harsh words stopped my movement. I looked her over. I hissed my teeth to a slap. The pain was usual.  I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She hurried outside and began slashing a tire of the red BMW. Then she cut herself and ran toward the back entrance.
I walked to my room and sleep soon took my eyes. I went to the streets the next day and slept with Pete in the mall’s bathroom. I became the streets’ dog that how I find love.
“I guess because it has more space and can move freely. oh, I will see if I can go on my head next time.” I told Pete as I exit the restroom to a crowd of persons standing in the hallway. My eyes found Trisha. She had her phone glued to her ears and an I pod in her hand. She lowered the phone and said, “Hey J, what’s up?”
“I want to go to a party later but I can’t find the drive to,” I told Trisha.
“What’s new? What is the flow?” Trisha chuckled.
“I don’t have a plan for today. I don’t know what to do,” Jackie retorted. “lets go hang out at my place or chin‘s.”
“I can’t be at your place because I have things to do so if you don’t mind maybe a little later down in the day or not,” Trisha said. We went our separate path. I went to check my fb. Dave had popped up on my page.

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