17 Pieces: Chapter 10

August 27, 2013 12:00 pm

Chapter 10

I woke up the next the morning and was greeted by screams. Cherry was still arguing with her man. She sounded sober and trouble lurked in her words. I jumped out of the bed and got dressed quickly and dashed from the house. A grey car stopped at my feet a few houses away. A man smiled and showed me some money as I walked.
“Hey! You want to go for a ride for this,” a man chuckled, “baby, I can change your life.”
“So I just freak you for this, no strings,” Jackie questioned. I got into the car and the man rode me until he screamed in pleasure. I pulled up my jeans and he handed me a few money notes.
“And when you are ready once you have your cash. I am good to go,”  I said and took his cellular number.
“You tricked me,” Jackie screamed as she counted the money notes. The car drove off.
“This could buy lunch,”  I thought. I went toward the mall thinking hard how I could get some more money for food and stuffs. Her serious face did not bear any expression. She gazed in space with another world in her eyes. She fringed in agony and her hands rushed to her stomach.
“Are you ok Jackie?” she recognized the chatter of Trisha. The blue eyed medium body woman in a lambskin biker jacket with zip-off sleeves wore a giggle on her queer face.
“Yeah!” murmured Jackie  and her sights drifted in the distance. She hardly noticed the slim-built woman that stood before her. A snap of the fingers stirred a glimpse that silence any words she could breath.

“You are such a whore, didn’t you see my calls?” Trisha blunted out. I slapped her face twice and she laughed.
“You are the fucking slut,” I said and started exchanging notes.
“You are a old slut bucket,” Trisha said. I poked her chest. The shorter my skirt got the more men I attracted. I started doing lunch sex and sometimes I just skipped the boring classes for the streets.
“Oh ok then, I’m ok not cold just laying down. No not hungry, make sure you eat though.”
“Hey baby keep dry and safe. The breeze a gwaan with something ya, me cold,” Jackie said.
“That’s great. That mean you can help me then.” The next day I went to streets and I saw Trisha. She greeted me with a hug.
“Well, it is Wednesday he will get it, so, yeah hopefully later you can or tomorrow,” I told Trisha.
“Yeah, I  just come out of a bed. I can’t understand a thing of anything,” Jackie said. She staggered to the ground. She was drunk.
“So how was it,”
“It was ok, Give jokes and all” Trisha commented.
“You, look crass, club hangover,” Trisha laughed. The winds swept through her hair as her hand swirled the ends.
“What?” exclaimed Jackie  and her eyes popped into large dark balls. With brows knitted she pondered at her friend words. Trisha had continued babbling about something that just became clear to Jackie.
“How much did you hustle, from that guy?” asked Trisha, “he looks loaded and it looks like you give him some too.” Trisha drew closer and studied Jackie. She wore her signature blue jeans with heels and a revealing top painted her breasts to the world. She was colourful and like to party.
“Yeah, I ride him ‘til he went wild,” Jackie chuckled.
“How much you bill him slut, 5 grand?” asked Trisha.
“I wish!” I thought as I remain silence as Trisha explained how I could sell myself to get things and money. The blue sky peered at me and scarlet flowers danced in the wind in front of the carved walls. Trisha grabbed my hands pulled me to a seat in the mall.
“I am riding Francis free for years, there is nothing to it. It would be fun sexing for money and stuffs. I am sure I am worth something,” I told Trisha.
“Yeah, you are worth loads,” Trisha said, “just don’t fall in love with any.”
“Why?” Jackie wondered.
“Don’t kiss any either and always collect your cash first,” explained Trisha.
“Cool, that sounds fun,” Jackie chuckled.
“And always drink something strong or a little drunk. You wouldn’t want to remember the ugly dude you screw. You will have nightmare for life,” laughed Trisha.
“Where do I pick up men?” asked Jackie in excitement.
“The clubs babes! Pubs, men go there to get screw or anywhere you see a dog. Just collect the cash first ok,” Trisha said and then ran into a store.  A hiss came from a boy. Jackie turned her head and smiled at the grinning boy who summoned her with his fingers. She walked toward  the boy dressed in simple white collared shirt and jeans. He whispered something into the smiling face girl who said, “I can take it everyday Pete.”
“Alright then, the backstairs,” said the boy. Then he whispered something else in her ears.
“Yeah it can handle anything it get ok,” Jackie said. She pulled the boy in the bathroom and caress his private part and ran through the mall doors. She flagged down a car and smoke a cigar and drink a liquor.
“That’s nice shirt, it would look good on me,” Jackie said as she browsed at the hot guy driving the car.
“I disagree to a point,” the man said. “I would have to take your pants first.”
“Yeah, for  real,” Jackie chuckled.
“I just have to  take it off,”   I told him as the car stopped. I pull him into the back seat and began caressing his body.
“this is going to cost you,” Jackie said while kissing him all over.
“I  know that,” the man said.
“lets go,” he asked.
“I don’t know my dear,” I said and started caressing his lips, “no I wont no way.”
“Don’t bother to answer,”  the words came from the puzzled man.
“Yeah sure that would be nice,” she gleaned with delight. Suddenly her features turned cold. “just drop me off  at 5th and 3rd,” she belched. The man started the car and dropped me off at the spot and I walked home feeling happy. As I got to the door, I heard a bark and I knew it meant trouble.
“No, I’m not using my head on you or anything ok. Well you will trust me someday still not going to push it now,” I tried to explain but my watch was saying 7pm. I should have gotten home from 4pm.
“You skipped the boring classes again,” Cherry cursed,  “the principal had got a hold of your absents.” No words came from her lips. I could not say I was screwing someone for money. My phone beeped and Cherry grabbed it away from me and read the text out aloud: “I’m here missing you like crazy darling. cant wait to see you.” I was grounded.
The next day I got dress in shorts and belly skin top and went to the pub. I sat there facing the bartender who beckoned at me.
“Can I get you something?” asked the Italian looking men. My eyes rolled over him and he pulled away to serve other customers. My legs drifted apart on the stool and eyes danced as I studied the pub. The jokers stood together laughing as they drink themselves to drunkenness. I caught a shy and lonely creative sipping a bottle. He walked toward me and whispered into my ears.
“Pretty baby, put your hands into my pockets and take whatever you need,” the deep baritone nibbled on my earlobes.
“Get me the usual, babes,” I breathed. My face was perfumed with delight. My fingers walked into this pocket and I squeezed his manhood and caressed it gently and rubbed the stiff skin until he screamed, “baby, let’s go.”
“Maybe! Depending on what my hands uncovered,” I added. My hands pulled up 5 grand.
“Every time I see you I just want to do dirty things to you,” said the man .
“Ha-ha, lets go,” I said. I grabbed his arms and dragged him toward the door. I stumbled and fell to the ground.
“Hey, someone help me,” he said and rushed to a pay phone.
“Dumb ass!” I said and ran from the pub with his wallet. That became my life, sex, men and running from life. I dropped out of school the following year. I was never there they say.

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